Nokia Dual SIM Cell Phone

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The news is Nokia is now planning to make Dual SIM mobile phones like Motorola, Samsung and LG. The talks of Nokia entering the Dual SIM market were public before too, and now it has been certified by Nokia itself. Nokia has always been popular among users globally until last few years when many other cell phone makers jumped into the competition. There could be many reasons why Nokia is working towards this:

1. Since a few years, which once used to be number one brand, Nokia is now loosing its place in the market. So this could be one way to bring back customers.

2. Many mobile phone manufacturers have already used Dual SIM function in their mobile phone units, so Nokia may be trying to be parallel with those companies.

Why Nokia Dual SIM Cell Phone?

The advantage with dual SIM is that it is money saving. A lot of us require to keep two mobile phone numbers for different roles. And for two different numbers one want two different mobile phone handsets. But with Nokia Dual SIM function in the phone, the cost of having another mobile phone gets saved. One handset could be used for two numbers. The Dual SIM phones have been doing well in the Asian market. And Samsung happens to be the top player. Nokia will have to apply new and smart schemes to win over Samsung drive buyers towards it.

Release Date of Nokia Dual SIM phone:

The Nokia Dual SIM mobile phone will be launched in the market sometime in the first quarter of 2010. That year already has many new gadgets and additions to features of already existing ones queued up- Apple Tablet, iPhone 4G, numerous Android devices . With Nokia Dual SIM mobile phone, there gets one more added in the queue.

For more better and clear understanding, you may check - Nokia Preparing Dual-SIM Phones for 2010.

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